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Chief business officer

Los Angeles Community College District



Serves as the executive responsible for the oversight and management of select District business operations including budget planning and analysis, accounting, contracts and purchasing, risk management, and general support services


Chief Business Officer provides executive direction over strategic and long-range planning and the implementation, management, and control of ongoing operational activities for select business operations of the District which include:
Financial Planning and Analysis: budget development, implementation, and monitoring; accounting and cost accounting; cash flow planning and management; treasury, investments, banking, internal controls and compliance; modeling and forecasts of revenue and expenses; development and compliance with financial, regulatory, and operational performance standards and goals; review, oversight, and compliance on sponsored funding awards; and policy advice and guidance in response to questions posed by the Board of Trustees, Chancellor, and others.
Contracts and Purchasing: Solicitation, evaluation, negotiation, preparation, and award of purchase orders and contracts for the acquisition of supplies, equipment, materials, and services including the evaluation of descriptive requirements, specifications and scope of work, determination of methods of source selection, strategic supplier sourcing, value analysis, pre-solicitation conferences, monitoring and documenting of vendor/contractor performance, and assisting in vendor/contractor dispute and resolution processes; and the management and disposition of surplus equipment, materials, and supplies.
Risk Management: Development and implementation of risk identification, measurement, evaluation, minimization/mitigation/elimination, and claims control programs; and purchasing and administering all District insurance and self-insurance plans relating to property and liability.
Legal Services/Dispute Resolution: Selection and supervision of legal counsel for assigned functional fiscal and business areas; advice on claims and supervision of activities leading to their resolution.
Business and Community Relations: Establishment and maintenance of effective relationships with finance, business, governmental, and community agencies and organizations; and internal and external public relations.
Provides policy recommendations, technical assistance, and information to the Board of Trustees, executive management, and others on financial and select business management issues needing attention, evaluation, resolution, and decisions.

Directs the development and implementation of a District-wide shared services plan for financial and business activities which focuses on best practices, cost savings and efficiencies, operational effectiveness, inter-college cooperation, and strategic excellence.

Directs the systematic collection and analysis of various types of data, including input, process, outcome, and satisfaction data to guide the management decisions and recommendations on fiscal and select business issues.

Establishes, implements, and monitors short-range and long-range project goals, budgets, schedules, progress, and strategies.

Continuously monitors federal and state legislation with financial and/or business services impact; facilitates the development of responses, recommendations, and internal controls needed to ensure District-wide compliance.

Directs, oversees, and evaluates the performance of the Division management team, college financial and business managers, consultants, contractors, and Division personnel.

Integrates operations and drives collaboration among District and college operational units engaged in financial and business management activities.
Evaluates organizational structure, policies, and procedures and implements changes as needed; insures all elements of the operation are consistent with best practices.

Communicates finance and business management related priorities and provides updates to college presidents, individual departments, and program teams, keeping the organization?s managers informed of their own performance against budget and related benchmarks.

Represents the District to business partners, including financial institutions, investors, foundation executives, auditors, and public officials.

Serves as a member of the Chancellor?s executive cabinet; advises the Chancellor and other District executives on a wide range of finance and business management matters that impact District and college planning and operations.

Selects legal counsel and manages legal cases and other disputes from initiation through final outcome.

Insures Division compliance with District policy and procedures and applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Directs the preparation and maintenance of a variety of narrative and statistical reports, records, and files related to assigned activities including financial and risk management records, tentative and adopted budgets, audits, accounting support services reports, and fiscal services reports.

Serves as the District?s advocate on fiscal and select business management issues impacting California community college districts.

Represents the District in meetings, hearings, and conferences with representatives from public agencies, regulatory agencies, legislative bodies, business organizations, community groups, and the public.

Performs related duties as assigned


A Well Qualified Candidate will have:

? An advanced degree from a recognized college or university preferably with a major in finance, economics, accounting, business administration, or related field.

? Extensive strategic leadership and operational management experience in a position or combination of positions with responsibility for the financial and business operations of a medium to large scale public agency. Experience with a public educational institution is desirable.

? A reputation for integrity, transparency, and accountability with sound technical skills, analytical ability, good judgment, and strong operational focus.

Special: Travel to locations throughout the District is required. A valid Class ?C? California driver?s license and access to an automobile.


Knowledge of:
  • Principles, theories, and concepts of financial management and budgeting
  • Funding mechanisms and sources of funding for higher education
  • Principles, methods, and techniques of accounting and cost accounting with an emphasis on governmental accounting
  • Principles, theories, and concepts of fund management, investment, and debt administration
  • Principles and practices of governmental purchasing and contracting
  • Principles and practices of risk management
  • Policies and business practices of the insurance industry
  • Local, State, and Federal laws and regulations pertinent to all functional areas of responsibility
  • Principles of business law, contract law, and public contracting
  • Leadership and relationship management skills
  • Principles of business management and public administration
  • Principles of human resources management and labor relations
  • Principles of public and community relations

Ability to:
  • Formulate a clear organizational vision and appropriate operational goals and objectives for the management of fiscal and designated business programs and services
  • Administer and direct fiscal and delegated business programs and services in a manner that is data and principle driven, manages risk, insures compliance, and achieves institutional effectiveness
  • Support business needs and innovation in a diverse array of business and educational programs and activities through the use of information technology
  • Successfully navigate and thrive in a multi‐institution context through persuasion, consensus, and effective communication
  • Establish and implement a comprehensive program of reporting and communication
  • Develop and implement the operating policies and procedures to insure institutional effectiveness and compliance with performance standards and goals.
  • Anticipate conditions, plan ahead, and establish priorities; act independently and promptly to situations and events
  • Recognize the critical elements of problems, develop and evaluate data, and determine solutions
  • Evaluate program operations and personnel
  • Prepare and present effective oral and written communications, presentations, and reports
  • Effectively communicate highly technical information concisely and in understandable terms
  • Foster trust and confidence; earn support from internal and external constituencies
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with industry representatives, officials of public and private organizations, internal stakeholders, and the public


Application materials are available:
? Online at
? At the Office of the Personnel Commission, 770 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California (Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.)
? Applicants may also request that an application be mailed to them by calling (213) 891-2129, or by emailing the Office of the Personnel Commission at
All application materials must be mailed, or submitted in person, to the Office of the Personnel Commission, 770 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90017. Completed application materials must be received in the Office of the Personnel Commission by 4:00 p.m., Friday, August 9, 2013.
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